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Who is Fratton Big Local?

The answer to that question comes in a number of different forms. First and foremost it is the whole community of Fratton - all who live, work or play in the City Council Electoral Ward of Fratton. The needs and views of all those people direct and influence the way Fratton Big Local works and the way it uses the funds.

But it is difficult to create a forum in which all those people can come together and express their views and find a common way forward together - so there are a number of smaller groups which seek to draw together people and more are being planned and created. There then needs to be a body which seeks to draw all of this together and which is accountable to both the whole community and to Local Trust - the national body responsible for the fund.

So there is the 'Fratton Big Local Partnership'. This is a constituted body of up to 12 voting members (and a further 4 non- voting  members).  These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds and parts of the community as well as bringing a mix of skills and experience.  They are united in their commitment to help the wider community and an enthusiasm to improve the quality of life in Fratton.

Over 50% of them have to be people who live or work directly in Fratton, and currently we have over 80% in that category.  The non-voting members are representatives of key local bodies who we hope will work with us and share with us their understanding of the area. These currently include a Ward Councillor, Fratton Community Association and a Community Officer from the City Council.

Lastly, the Partnership employs two workers who are the people you are most likely to meet - or talk to - if you contact the office or come to an event.

Voting Members

Father Bob White - Chair

I hope that the work of Big Local will help to enhance the life of the local community and build on the good
relationships that exist between many of those who work in the community and among local residents.

I enjoy living in the Fratton area as well as working with local people.

Becci Coghlan - Vice Chair

I’ve lived in Fratton 10 years where I work for the City Council. My family is from Portsmouth and I’m proud of the City but I want to be more proud of Fratton. I passionately want to change Fratton’s reputation and do something positive for the area.

I bring contacts, experience and knowledge of the area, and a sense of humour.

Keith Roberts

I’ve been a Fratton resident for 16 years, retired from civil service and former Vice-Chairman of the Fratton Neighbourhood Forum.

I’m interested in the community and want to bring my experience as a manager and organiser.

Dawn Trimby

 I work for the Thinking Schools Academy Trust and am the Executive Business Manager for 3 schools within the Fratton area. I was born in Portsmouth and although I haven moved outside the area I still want to help make a difference to Fratton.  

I am married with 2 children and 2 cats. I enjoy travel, crafting and reading.

I believe in community links with the schools and supporting each other.

Jay Dunstan

I’ve lived in Portsmouth for 26 years and am the Director of UK Flyers – a Fratton-based design and print company. It was established 16 years ago and employs 10 full-time staff. I’ve joined FBL because I run a local business and Fratton’s been good to me.

I’m an avid cyclist, married with 3 children and have 2 dogs.  I want to help to make the area more appealing for my customers and my workforce.

I bring business skills; design, print and promotion experience, environmental ideas and enthusiasm.

Clare Martin

Tara Woodyer

Non-Voting Members

Councillor Dave Ashmore, Portsmouth City Council

Councillor Tom Coles, Chair Fratton Community Association

Kay Coombs, Action Hampshire /  Peas in a Pod Consultancy


Fratton Delivers

Click on the graphic to download our Fratton Delivers PDF (2.3MB) which shows what the Fratton Big Local has achieved in 2018/2019 and our exciting plans for 2019/2020!

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