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What we do

We want to work with Fratton residents and local organisations to start spending our funding on making things happen in Fratton. Some projects will be run by us, and others will be run together with other groups and organisations. To make our funding go further, we’ll also be using it to attract more grants as match funding.

Download and read the Fratton Big Local Profile documents and The Plan below:


3-5 Year Plan is  available upon request. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Making Fratton an attractive destination

We are working with local businesses to make Fratton Road & the surrounding area look better, and we are organising large annual events for residents to take part in.

Improving and making the best use of the green space available

We are looking at how we can improve facilities at Kingston Rec, St Mary’s Churchyard & other green spaces, with projects such as a new climbing wall, splash pool and a green gym.

Developing & improving community life

We are working to link in people to a new Community Resource map, so everybody knows what’s available locally. We organise arts and culture projects to help build Fratton’s community spirit, and we are also looking at how we might bring together lots of local services into a new Community Hub.

Working with people to help them think about what they want, hope & need

We are looking at how we can help Fratton residents to live healthier lives and we are working with groups that put on projects to build more community spirit in Fratton.

Breaking down barriers and involving the whole community

We’ve set up a Community Grants pot of £10,000 a year, which local people and groups can apply to for new projects that will benefit Fratton residents.


Fratton Delivers

Click on the graphic to download our Fratton Delivers PDF (2.3MB) which shows what the Fratton Big Local has achieved in 2018/2019 and our exciting plans for 2019/2020!

FBL Videos

Watch 'The Day in the Life of Fratton' and other FBL videos over on YouTube.

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Festival of Light 2017 video

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