What we do

We want to work with Fratton residents and local organisations to start spending our funding on making things happen in Fratton. Some projects will be run by us, and others will be run together with other groups and organisations. To make our funding go further, we’ll also be using it to attract more grants as match funding.

Download and read the Fratton Big Local Profile documents and The Plan below:

Strategic Aim One

Arrange and support events that bring the community together to celebrate life in Fratton.

Strategic Aim Two

Seek projects that aspire to enhance community life and improve the environment in Fratton.

Strategic Aim Three

Nurture opportunities for the community to come together and take decisive action.


Fratton Delivers

Click on the graphic to download our Fratton Delivers 2023 PDF (5.2 MB)

All previous Fratton Delivers can be found on our News page.

Latest Events

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